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SDN Comet & Control iPaaS


Integration Platform as a Service - True database to database integration

SDN continues to think out of the box with our iPaaS solution.  This lightweight platform allows for companies to create complex data flows without the need for API's.  These data flows can be within a network or across networks, allowing companies with data service needs to easily share information with data service providers.

We are creating a community that benefits everyone from small analytic firms to the largest of companies.

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SDN Control

Control is the online web portal and main user interface.


Here is where you maintain your data sources, integration configurations and monitor the progress and logs.


It is  the main master engine behind the entire solution!

Control is hosted on the awesome AWS cloud for the utmost in reliability and availability and communicates with all Comet Engines.

SDN Comet


Comet is an ultra light Java based engine that sits within your network.


It communicates with both your databases and SDN Control,

This is the only software that runs in you network and is so light that in can run on a small Linux or Windows VM depending on your needs.  This is a major change .to the infrastructure involved with today's tools.

You can establish as many Comet engines as you like giving you the ability to horizontally scale your architecture to solve your largest data needs.


SDN Big Bang - For Companies Running SAP

SDN has changed the game for companies running SAP.  We have created a highly tuned monster for extracting data from SAP and staging it.

Big Bang is a result of a direct need from SAP implementation projects.  These are the times where time itself is of the essence.


Data conversion, data validation, post implementation support and stabilization and many other aspects of an implementation don't have time to wait for some IT guy to get a ticket and write a BI routine and report to solve a problem that is going on now. 

We solved this by making data extraction and staging so simple that analysts across the entire enterprise can define and execute extracts easily and without knowing how to code.

This is a game changer for any company running SAP ECC or S/4 HANA that you have to see to believe.

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