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Opportunity to Partner

"A rising tide raises all boats"

John F. Kennedy

SDN is interested in partnering with select SAP Consulting Firms that may be open to expanding their offerings through our software platforms.  Between now and SAP ECC End of Life, there are 10's of thousands of projects that will be required to upgrade every single SAP ECC system onto the S/4 HANA platform.

Data is always a huge topic, and most companies handle it in a different way.  Some have junior analysts make spreadsheets while others assume that resources with a vast S/4 HANA background are required to produce high quality data.  Others create entire on premises mega platforms for this temporary need.


Many companies struggle to reproduce methods and tools from one deployment to the next.

Our unique methods were created by experts in the migration area and they provide clients with an awesome way to take the challenge of data and turn it into a rare opportunity to clean up years of ECC or legacy data.


We look forward creating strategic partnerships with select SAP consulting firms who want to set themselves apart from the competition by having a solution to tackle this critical aspect of S/4 HANA projects.

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