SDN Integration Tools Pricing

No nonsense.  The more data you move and the more steps, the lower the price per step and volume.


SDN Control & Comet

iPaaS - Integration Platform as a Service

SDN utilizes a usage based pricing model that accommodates companies of all sizes and various ways that integrations and be scheduled and run.


Some integrations can run every few minutes with small datasets, while other run less frequently with massive amounts of data.

SDN prices drop with higher usage though our use of smoothing (Smoothed Units).  Try the caluculator below to see how it works.


SDN Big Bang

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Stand alone solution for companies running SAP

SDN Big Bang Standalone Pricing is a flat monthly fee that will give you a real option for your data warehousing needs.

A single license covers all SAP systems in a single transport path, including development, QA, Integration Test Systems and there is no limit to the number of profile driven extracts you can run.

Use it all as much as you want.

Please contact us for pricing and multi SAP system discounts.

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