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Moving from Oracle to Postgres? Piece of Cake!

Migrating data from one dB technology to another can be a challenge. One use case being talked about a lot right now is moving from Oracle dB to Postgres.

With ever increasing licensing costs and newer technology arising all the time, being stuck in your current db world is hobbling to a company.

This type of data flow is at the core of SDN's Data Beam dB platform and it is easier than you think. This is a database administrator's dream.

Our standard adaptors make it simple to create datasources for both your origin system (Oracle) and your target database (Postgres) and then create an integration layer that seamlessly creates tables in your target database and populates it with data from your source.

The heavy lifting is removed and you easily gain the ability to keep the data in the new database current.

The ease of use and time savings from your technical resources will drive instant ROI over other solutions and at the end of the day, that is what SDN provides. True, measurable value.


Approach your DBA and ask how long it would take them to export 50 tables of information, create 50 new tables in the target database with the correct metadata and write 50 bulk loading scripts to ingest the data. Then ask how long each day it would take them to refresh the data daily. You would see that a custom integration layer would need to be written to facilitate the movements. Adding more datasources and more tables would put your DBA's in a constant state of integration development.

Hey people! We have you covered. This scenario is achievable in a matter of a couple of hours with Data Beam dB and at a fraction of the cost.

The better part is with this capability, you can start tackling other scenarios, ever increasing the ROI the platform generates. Check back often for more Simple Solutions by SDN.

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